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Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence

This newly opened center is the first of its kind in the Mountain West, providing comprehensive clinical services across the human lifespan. The integration of academic, research, and clinical service spaces enables future human service providers to receive real-world, interdisciplinary training as they work with USU faculty who engage in clinical practice and perform cutting-edge research. In addition to this onsite clinical training for students, the center facilitates interdisciplinary research among faculty and clinicians and provides comprehensive clinical services for clients statewide and regionally.

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healing garden

Healing Garden

The peaceful Beverley Garden is located in the atrium and is open to the public. A relaxing space to eat, study, or unwind, the garden includes beautiful landscaping, water features, and sculpture.

art gallery

Art Gallery

The Wilkerson Art Gallery features the work of international artists who have captured an inimitable vision of the world around them. Come and reflect on the many works created by artists with disabilities.

Beths Bistro

Beth's Bistro

This unique café is named after our own Dean Beth Foley and offers all-day breakfast along with delicious lunch options. Located on the first floor, Beth’s Bistro has something for everyone.

Clinics and Services

The Dennis G. Dolny Movement Research Clinic is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the study of human movement and its pathologies. The goal of the Movement Research Clinic is to advance the knowledge of human movement for the purpose of improving the quality of life for individuals with movement dysfunction.

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The Hearing and Balance Clinic offers state-of-the-art audiology services for people of all ages, from newborns to seniors, including a wide range of services to identify hearing loss, treat hearing loss, and diagnose balance disorders. Licensed professionals with specialized expertise work with graduate student clinicians to help individuals determine the best course of action and support them in the process of their treatment.

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The ASSERT preschool program (Autism Support Services: Education, Research and Training) is an early intensive behavioral intervention program for preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). ASSERT also provides outreach consultation to schools and families of children with ASD and related disorders. To help children with autism reach their potential as they learn to communicate, the program uses applied behavior analysis, in which children practice appropriate behaviors and receive positive reinforcement. For more information, visit the ASSERT website.


The Up to 3 ABC program provides services to children from birth to three years of age. The ABC classroom is designed for children who are at risk for autism spectrum disorders. The services provide training to the child and family in the areas of social engagement, language, social imitation, and play. Families receive home visits, community activities, and structured classroom opportunities. An autism specialist provides training/modeling and coaching to families. For more information, visit the Up to 3 Website.


The Utah Behavior Support Clinic provides assessment and intervention services to reduce challenging behavior and teach appropriate skills to individuals with serious challenging behavior (aggression, property destruction, or self-injury). Services are provided to all ages and a specific diagnosis is not required. Services include training and coaching of caregivers and other relevant individuals. For more information, visit the UBSC Website.


The Speech and Language Clinic provides a full range of evaluation and treatment services to children and adults of all ages. This may include augmentative and alternative communication, voice, resonance, accent modification, cognition, hearing screening, aural rehabilitation, and literacy, as well as feeding and swallowing training. Licensed professionals with specialized expertise work with graduate student clinicians to provide exceptional care. For more information, visit the Speech and Language Clinic webpage.


The Developmental Behavioral Health Clinic is staffed by a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, psychologists, speech and language pathologist, and occupational therapist. The team uses an interdisciplinary approach to provide evaluation, diagnosis, and medication management for children, youth, and adults with a wide spectrum of developmental disabilities and related health problems including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, anger, aggression, depression, developmental delays, learning disabilities, and related problems.


Housing and Financial Counseling consists of certified staff offering workshops and individual counseling opportunities to help all individuals, couples, and families work towards housing or financial management goals. Their personal financial consulting helps clients establish financial goals, create a customized spending plan, understand credit, and manage debt. The staff also offer workshops for first-time homebuyers and reverse mortgage counseling for senior homeowners. For more information, visit the Housing and Financial Counseling webpage.


The Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic seeks to provide high quality, low cost therapy for children, adolescents, individuals, couples, and families. Master's and doctoral students who are supervised by licensed faculty members offer services associated with many issues, including mental health concerns, behavioral difficulties, life transitions, family crises, and relationship challenges. A variety of systemic approaches are used to address individual, couple, and/or family needs. For more information, visit the Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic webpage.


The Psychology Community Clinic serves as a training clinic for all graduate students in the APA-accredited Clinical/Counseling Ph.D. program at USU and provides intervention and assessment services to children, adolescents, families, and adults in Cache Valley and surrounding communities. All services are provided by psychology graduate students enrolled in a one of the training programs in the Psychology Department. Students work under supervision of doctoral-level, licensed psychologists. For more information, visit the Psychology Community Clinic webpage.


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